When Is the Best Time to Visit the Island of Maui in Hawaii?

time-visit-island-maui-hawaii Credit: Ed Freeman/Stone/Getty Images

The best time to visit the island of Maui in Hawaii is between the low and high seasons, which is usually from September through November and April through May. The rates are relatively low and there are no heavy crowds. For whale watching or surfing, winter offers the best conditions.

Mid-April is the best time to enjoy the waters, beach and good weather in the island. Tourists may also enjoy plenty of sunshine in the leeward side and very few winter storms occur during this month. The last week of April and early May can be a bit crowded due to the warming weather and the influx of tourists from Asia. Nevertheless, fewer people gather in the island during these months and the rates are more reasonable compared to the expensive accommodations and ticket prices in the summer months.

The September weather continues to be warm and it is best to visit the island in the latter part of the month or on October when the temperature begins to decline a little. The shoulder season of fall also promises less traffic and scenic views along the beautiful Maui coastline. The people of Maui also celebrate the Aloha Festival on September and the Maui Ukelele Festival on October, offering a few days of music, dancing and fun to fall tourists.