What Are the Three Longest Rivers in Asia?


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The three longest rivers in Asia are the Yangtze, Yellow and the Mekong Rivers. With a length of 3915 miles, the Yangtze River is the longest river. The second longest is the Yellow River at 3,395 miles and the third longest is the Mekong River with a length of 3,050 miles.

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The Yangtze and Yellow rivers are found in China. The Yangtze has its source in the Kunlun Mountains and flow through many cities that include Shanghai before emptying into the South China Sea. The Yellow River flows from the northern region of China to discharge into the Bohai Gulf. The Mekong River's source is in Tibet and flows south through Cambodia to empty into the South China Sea near southern Vietnam.

Although the Yangtze River is the longest river in Asia, it ranks as the third-longest in the world. The Nile and Amazon rivers are in first and second place, respectively. The Nile River is 4,135 miles long and the Amazon River is 3,980 miles.

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