What Are Some Things to Do in San Clemente, California?

Some activities for visitors in San Clemente, CA, include sunning at the San Clemente Pier City Beach, strolling along the boardwalk, hiking the San Clemente State Beach and enjoying one of the many festivals. Visitors can also shop at the boutiques and enjoy dining at local restaurants.

Tourists can get back to nature at San Clemente by staying at the campgrounds located on San Clemente State beach, a bluff that offers views of the ocean, high bluffs and wooded hills as well as nearby hiking and biking paths. The campgrounds offer the basic necessities of living such as restrooms, showers, fire pits and picnic tables. Visitors can also go surfing, scuba diving and snorkeling just off the coast.

Although the San Clemente Pier City Beach doesn't offer camping, it does have showers, restrooms and picnic tables. Visitors can walk along or fish from the fishing pier, sunbathe on the wide beach or surf the waves. The boardwalk runs along the beach to the Pier Bowl, the city's downtown area with its palm trees and Mediterranean-style buildings.

When not enjoying the ocean and beach, tourists can shop in the Pier Bowl, which boasts a range of shopping and dining options such as the well-known Ellies Table or Hapa J's.