What Are Some Things to Do in Quebec Cities?

What Are Some Things to Do in Quebec Cities?

Two of Quebec's oldest cities, Quebec City and Montreal, offer the chance to explore centuries-old buildings and scenic outdoor spaces, visit unique museums and ride age-old streets in vintage carriages. The cities provide an opportunity to sample French culture while still on Canadian soil.

Old Town Quebec City is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Old Town has two levels, both filled with quaint pubs, restaurants and shops. Walk the cobblestone streets between the levels, or take the vintage funicular, a glass elevator that provides a panoramic view of the St. Lawrence.

Top attractions include the Chateau Frontenac, a posh hotel that looks like a castle; La Citadelle, a fort dating back to the 1750s; and Battlefields Park, the place where the British and French fought to determine the future of Canada. Touring Old Town by horse drawn carriages, called caleches, is also a hit.

Montreal sits on an island in the St. Lawrence River and gets its name from Mount Royal, a hill in the center of town. The Parc du Mont-Royal is atop that hill, offering cycling, jogging and horseback riding paths in summer and, in winter, cross-country ski trails.

Old Montreal offers pedestrian-only cobblestone streets filled with street vendors, buskers and sidewalk cafes. The Basilique Notre-Dame is here, as is the vintage city hall, the Hotel de Ville. The site of Expo '67 sits along the waterfront, and is in New Montreal. The sports venues now house attractions such as the Biosphere, an environmental museum.