What Are Some Things to Pack for a Vacation?

Things to pack for a vacation include clothes appropriate for the destination, toiletries, travel documents, activity-specific items, and entertainment. The specific type of travel often dictates what the traveler packs. A trip to another country requires more travel documents, such as a passport, while a road trip to the next state doesn't require many specialty items.

Clothing should match the climate of the destination and specific activities planned for the trip. Hiking in the mountains requires different attire than visiting art museums. Local weather reports help determine the warmth of clothing needed. Packing a light jacket even for a warm destination is helpful in case temperatures are cooler than expected.

Toiletries and medications allow travelers to carry out their normal health and toiletry routines. A list of toiletries and medications used on a daily basis helps determine what to pack. Extras such as sunscreen, insect repellent and pain reliever are also important for safe travel.

Travel documents vary based on the type of travel. Air travel requires photo IDs and flight information. International travel requires passports. Contact and reservation information is important for any type of travel.

Travelers likely have a list of electronics to pack. Charging cords or replacement batteries keep those electronics running for the whole vacation.

Families with kids often have extras to pack, such as diapers, bottles, a portable crib and comfort items. Entertainment for the travel portion of the trip is also key to keeping kids happy and occupied.