What Are Some Things to Do in Lancaster, Pennsylvania?

Some fun things to do in Lancaster, Pennsylvania include visiting the Science Factory, touring an Amish farm and shopping at the Central Market. The Lancaster Science Factory is a hands-on museum featuring exhibits covering math, engineering, technology and physical sciences. For example, the Light & Vision category explores optical illusions, color theory and microscopic vision. In Fluid Dynamics, visitors can figure out how to create a dam or find out how a water spout works.

A visit to the Amish Farm and House explores Lancaster's roots. Two- and three-hour tours are offered, with the longer one including a guided tour of the home built in 1805. The land once belonged to William Penn, the man for whom Pennsylvania was named. The house and farm are tourist attractions that accurately portray life as it was a century ago.

The Lancaster Central Market is considered one of the country's oldest farmer's markets. It operates out of a brick building that dates back to 1889 and is open on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays during much of the year, as of 2015. It's a good place to find local produce in season, meats, cheeses and handcrafted items. During the Christmas season, the market is decorated the old fashioned way.