What Are Some Things to Do in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania?

Gettysburg Battlefield Bus Tours, Cherry Crest Adventure Farm, Gettysburg National Military Park and Visitor Center, American Music Theatre and Eisenhower National Historic Site are a few attractions in and around Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Additional attractions include the Association of Licensed Battlefield Guides, General Lee’s Headquarters Museum and Adams County Historical Society.

Gettysburg Battlefield Bus Tours take visitors past Gettysburg Battlefield on a double-decker bus with a National Park Service-licensed guide. The bus provides an audio system, enabling the guide to provide narration as the bus travels the site. Gettysburg National Military Park and Visitor Center includes historic sites from the Civil War, campgrounds and horseback riding opportunities.

Located in nearby Ronks, Cherry Crest Adventure Farm offers activities for the entire family, such as the Amazing Maize Maze, a farm animal center, a singing chicken show, pedal karts and a pumpkin slinger. The American Music Theatre in nearby Lancaster provides regular live shows.

Eisenhower National Historic Site is a 690-acre site located at the former President and general's home and farms, and is also right by Gettysburg Battlefield. The President sometimes held meetings with world leaders at this site, and he also had black Angus cattle on the farm. The house still has many of the President's furnishings.