What Are Some Free Things to Do in Denver, Colorado?

What Are Some Free Things to Do in Denver, Colorado?

As of 2015, free activities in Denver, Colorado, include tours of the Colorado State Capital, the United States Mint and Coors Brewery, as well as free festivals and events at Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre. Free live jazz performances are also available during the summer in Denver's City Park.

Designed to imitate the Capitol in Washington D.C., the Colorado State Capitol offers visitors a portal into the history of the area. Stained glass windows portray important people and events for the state. Colorado white granite, rose onyx and yule marble all went into the building's composition.

Another free venture into the U.S. political and economic realm is the United States Mint tour. This mint is one of two mints in the country. The tour requires a reservation.

Those interested in all things beer can tour the Coors Brewery, purportedly the largest brewing site in the world. A treat at the end of the tour (for those over 21) is free samples of the brewery's beer, which uses water from springs in the Rocky Mountains.

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre is a famous concert platform made from red rock monuments. Tourists can visit the museum and Performers Hall of Fame for free, or hike one of the area trails nearby.