Is Texas the Biggest State?

Texas is not the biggest state in the United States. Alaska is the largest state if measured by both land area and total area. California is the largest state in terms of population.

Texas is ranked as the second largest state in both measurements of land area and population. Alaska has a total area of 665,384.04 square miles, and Texas has a total area of 268,596.46 square miles, as listed in the 2010 Census of Population and Housing. Despite Alaska's geographical size, it is one of the least populated states with a population of 710,231. California is listed in the 2010 census with a population of 37,253,956, and Texas is second on the list with a population of 25,145,561. The population density per square mile for Texas is 96.3, while California is 239.1 and Alaska is 1.2.