What Are Some Terminals at Washington Dulles International Airport?


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Washington Dulles International Airport has one main terminal and five concourses, offering a total of 139 airline gates. Concourse Z is part of the main terminal, while concourses A, B, C and D are in midfield locations and connected to the main terminal by the AeroTrain and the Shuttle.

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IFly.com offers an outline map of the Dulles International Airport Terminal along with information about getting around the airport, traveling between concourses and finding airline lounges. Click Airlines above the map to view a list of airlines that use each concourse, and click Amenities to view the locations of services, eateries and shops.

FlyDulles.com offers more detailed maps of the airport terminal and concourses. Select Interactive Directory under Shopping & Dining on the home page to view an interactive map of concourses A to D that shows the locations of eateries, bars and shops and provides links to further information. Hover over the map to see pop-up windows identifying the name of each outlet, and click the plus sign to the right of the map to increase the view size. The map also shows the locations of services such as restrooms, escalators, prayer rooms, information points and ATMs. Click on a black circle containing an icon to view the various locations on the map.

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