What Is the Temperature of Ocean Currents on Canada's East Coast?

The temperature of the Labrador ocean current off Canada's East Coast is below 32 F. The Gulf Stream, the ocean current that originates in the Gulf of Mexico and lies further east than the Labrador current, is a western boundary current and is very warm.

The Labrador current comes from the Arctic and heads southward along the East Coast of North America. One part of the Labrador current goes into the Gulf of St. Lawrence, giving that geographic region a distinctly Arctic climate. A much larger and slightly warmer part of the Labrador current flows southwest around Nova Scotia, mixing with the Nova Scotia current and the Cape Bretton current. The Labrador current doesn't flow further than the continental shelf of Canada´s East Coast.

The Gulf Stream current gathers strength and heat in the Gulf of Mexico as it whips around it and shoots northeast around Florida. It follows a path along the East Coasts of the United States and Canada, although the current lies much further east in relation to Canada than the United States. This current is large enough to affect the climate in the southeast United States and in Western Europe. It is believed that the Gulf Stream keeps the countries of Ireland and Great Britain warmer and more hospitable than they would otherwise be.