What Is the Tallest Waterfall in Yosemite?


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Yosemite Falls is the tallest waterfall in Yosemite National Park; this waterfall consists of three separate components and spans 2,425 feet. Each of these three components can be considered a separate waterfall, but the total height of the falls is taken as a single measurement. This waterfall is one of the top five tallest falls in the continental United States.

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What Is the Tallest Waterfall in Yosemite?
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Visitors who are interested in seeing Yosemite Falls in action should time their visit appropriately. Yosemite Falls typically only runs from November through July, with the peak flow period typically falling in May. Park visitors can see the falls from multiple points in the Yosemite Valley, and those who are up to the challenge can hike up to the top of the falls, taking what the National Park Service describes as a "strenuous" route.

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