What Are Some Suppliers That Sell Taxi Meters?


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TaxiCabElectronics.com, TaxiMeterGuy.com and Centrodyne are some suppliers that sell taxi meters. The taxi meters are available in a wide range of features and options that affect pricing significantly, including GPS functions, built-in receipt printers, credit card payment capabilities and multiple-rate calculators.

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Centrodyne is a manufacturer that only sells its own models of taxi cab meters, but it is one of the largest meter suppliers in the tax industry, as of 2015. The company's flagship model S700 taximeter is available as a standalone device or with a special base that integrates the Centrodyne S170 printer to make an all-in-one unit. The unit offers flat rate entry, automatic rate changes, programmable speed limits, a credit card swipe and three-level password security, among other features.

TaxiCabElectronics.com has Centrodyne meters and printers for sale, as well as numerous other brands and models by competing manufacturers, including Pulsar, iElectron and Record Electronics. The company also carries many other types of taxi equipment and electronics, including handheld card scanners, rooftop lights, meter mounts, graphics packages and complete taxi start-up kits.

TaxiMeterGuy.com carries many of the same meters as the other supplies and also has other taxi electronics and accessories, including in-cab video camera and recording systems, panic-alert lights and multiple styles of marketing-sign carriers.

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