How Do You Submit a Railway PNR Status Inquiry?


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To submit an Indian railways PNR status inquiry, visit IndianRail.gov.in, click PNR Status on the toolbar at the top of the homepage, enter your PNR, and click Get Status. Alternatively, click SMS Service under Services for directions to submit the inquiry by a mobile phone's SMS facility, or call 139. A number of apps, such as 9Apps Indian Rail Train & IRCTC Info. app for Androids, and iTunes Indian Railway app for iPhones, also include PNR status trackers.

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Your PNR, or passenger name record, is a 10-digit number located in the top-left corner of your rail ticket. When you submit a PNR status inquiry, Indian Railways uses one of several codes to indicate your ticket's current status. CNF means the ticket is confirmed, but your coach or berth number is not yet available, RAC indicates the ticket is reserved against a cancellation, and WL means you are still on a waiting list. CAN/MOD means the ticket has been cancelled or modified, REGRET/WL means no further bookings are allowed and RELEASED Ticket means your ticket is confirmed, but you have alternative accommodation.

Unless your ticket is cancelled, you might need to continue resubmitting the PNR status inquiry until you are about to board as the ticket's status changes over time until your ticket, coach number and berth number are finally confirmed.

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