What Are Some Study Tips Before Taking a United States Map Quiz?


Briefly study a completed map, then use a blank version to fill in names of states, capitals and landmarks from memory. Repeat this process until you are able to fill in all of the missing information on your own. Use color coding as a visual cue to help you.

Color code the map by assigning a color to a state that begins with the same letter. For example, you can use cream for California, green for Georgia and orange for Oklahoma. Test yourself by filling in a blank map with the appropriate colors and labels. This is helpful for visual learners. Have a friend, classmate, partner or parent help you study. Your partner can help check your answers against the study map as you go along.

Use a plastic sheet protector to create a reusable, dry-erase map. Simply place a blank map inside the sheet protector, and use a thin dry erase marker to write the names of the states on top of the plastic. When you have filled in as many as you can, check your answers against the study map, erase the labels from your dry erase map and start over. This method works best for visual and tactile learners.