What Stores Carry N-Hance Wood Renewal?


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The N-Hance process for wood renewal can be purchased directly from Home Depot. Local businesses other than Home Depot that offer N-Hance wood renewal services can be contacted through Harris Research by visiting the company website at Nhance.com and entering an address in the SearchDealers tab.

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HomeDepot offers a complete range of N-Hance wood renewal services for floors and cabinets. Home Depot uses only licensed and insured installation professionals. N-Hance wood renewal services that are provided by Home Depot are backed by a one-year warranty on labor and additional product-specific warranties.

N-Hance is a cabinet and floor renewal process that is clean, dust-free and free of noxious fumes. High-performance, water-based polyurethane finishes are used that are low in volatile organic compounds. For cabinets, basic renewal, color shifts and complete color changes are available. N-Hance floor renewal services include basic services for lightly worn floors, and hammered floor renewal is offered for heavily worn or bare floors. The N-Hance process is also available for non-sandable floors, such as those made from cork or bamboo.

N-Hance service providers mask and drape each job site to protect the area around it. Dust removal includes removing dust from nearby heat vents. Floors and cabinets are deep-cleaned, fan-dried and burnished before proprietary finishes are applied.

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