What Are Some Facts About the Statue of Liberty for Kids?


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A fun Statue of Liberty fact is that it was originally brown and became green over time. Kids may be surprised to discover that the statue’s copper content is roughly equal to 30 million pennies. Another fact is that the statue has 354 stairs leading up to the crown.

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What Are Some Facts About the Statue of Liberty for Kids?
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The outer “skin” layer of the Statute of Liberty consists of copper, which is naturally brown. Over a 30-year period, the copper’s frequent contact with air and seawater caused the metal to undergo a chemical reaction known as oxidation. This process triggers discoloration and a beneficial form of corrosion, causing the weathered metal to develop a thin coating, or patina, containing a carbon compound. The patina helps protect the inner layers of metal from corrosion.

Rather than designing a solid statue, engineer Gustave Eiffel structured the Statue of Liberty as an inner skeletal framework with molded metal sheets to form the external skin. The thin sheets of copper that form the statue’s outer skin each measure about 0.94 inches in thickness, or the approximate thickness of two pennies. In total, the statue’s copper content weighs 62,000 pounds.

The Statue of Liberty’s hollow design allows tourists to travel through the body to reach the crown. From the base to the torch, the entire statue measures 305 feet and 1 inch, while the statue’s body measures 151 feet tall.

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