What States Are in the Pacific Coast Region in the United States?


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The Pacific Coast region states include California, Oregon and Washington state. These three states form the entire West Coast of the United States between Canada and Mexico.

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Although there are no official regions of the continental United States, it is common for the mainland to be separated into seven regions: the Pacific Coast, Rocky Mountains, Southwest, Midwest, South, mid-Atlantic and New England. When categorizing regions, Alaska and Hawaii are their own region.

Washington state forms the northern point of the Pacific Coast region. It is bordered to the north by Canada, to the south by Oregon and to the east by Idaho. Its western border is 3,026 miles of shoreline on the Pacific Ocean. The state of Washington has an area of 71,303 square miles.

Oregon, directly south of Washington, shares a southern border with California and Nevada and an eastern border with Idaho. Oregon's western border covers 1,410 miles of shoreline on the Pacific Ocean. Oregon has an area of 98,386 square miles.

With a land mass of 155,973 square miles, California is the largest of the Pacific Coast region states. California has 3,427 miles of shoreline on the Pacific Ocean and is bordered by Nevada and Arizona to the east. Its southernmost border is with Mexico.

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