What States Does the Northeast Include?

The states that are included in the northeast are Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Other states are Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

The northeastern states are one of the four regions the United States Census Bureau has divided the country into for purposes of taking statistics. The others are the west, the midwest and the south.

Most of the northeastern states are bordered on the east by the Atlantic ocean. The states to which this does not apply are Vermont and Pennsylvania. Lake Erie and Lake Ontario border part of New York and Pennsylvania to the west, and Canada borders Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and New York to the north and west. Many of these states made up the original 13 colonies that were later incorporated into the United States.

These states are also homes to some of the most populated cities in the country. As of 2013, New York City was the largest city, with a population of 8,405,837. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was fifth, with a population of 1,553,165. Boston was 24th, with a population of 645,966. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is 62nd with a population of 305,842 and Newark, New Jersey, is 69th with a population of 278,427.