What States Are in New England?

New England, located in the Northeastern United States, consists of six states: Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine. It is bordered by Canada to the north, New York state to the west, the Atlantic to the east, and Long Island Sound to the south.

The United States Census Bureau designates New England as one of nine official regional divisions in the United States. Compared to other states in the nation, the six states of New England encompass far less land area. Rhode Island, America's smallest state, expands only over 1,045 square miles of land. Boston, situated in Massachusetts, is the largest city in the region, and it has a population of about 650,000 people in the city proper and a population of over 4 million within the metropolitan area. The population of the entire region per the 2010 census is over 14 million people.

New England was originally settled in the 17th century by English settlers who were looking to break away from the Anglican Church, and this heritage is a defining feature of the region. In the 18th century, conflicts in the New England colonies sparked the American Revolution. To this day, they highly value political engagement and independence.