What Are Some States Included in a Map of the Midwest?


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Some states included in maps of the Midwest on TeacherVision.com and EduPlace.com include Missouri, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota and Kansas. Additional states are Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana. These maps also show major bodies of water in the Midwest, including the Great Lakes and Missouri and Mississippi Rivers.

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The map of the Midwest on EduPlace.com includes interactive legend features users can click on to view major cities, farming areas, forestry, manufacturing and trade and areas where a lot of livestock is raised. Clicking on the Major Cities feature reveals Kansas City and St. Louis in Missouri, Chicago in Illinois, Milwaukee in Wisconsin and Minneapolis and St. Paul in Minnesota. Clicking on the Farming category reveals that, as of 2015, much of the Midwest possesses large areas of farming. The Forestry button reveals much smaller areas of major forestry, these being mainly in southern Missouri and along the Great Lakes.

The Manufacturing and Trade button shows that these industries exist mainly around major cities such as Kansas City, Chicago and Detroit. The map reveals the western portions of North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska as major areas to raise livestock. Major mining locations exist in western South Dakota, southeastern Missouri and several places in Illinois.

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