What Are Some States and Capitals Games for Kids?


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Websites providing states and capitals games for kids include LearningGamesForKids.com, SheppardSoftware.com, KidsGeo.com and YourChildLearns.com. At Learning Games For Kids, the game is a line match game, with a few states on one side and a few capitals on the other, and to win you must make the correct connections.

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Sheppard Software offers a few games. The expert game involves a list of capitals and a map of the states. When a state blinks, the correct capital must be chosen from the list.

Kids Geo provides a timed game where a random state is chosen and the correct capital is chosen from four choices.

Your Child Learns game offers a blank map of the United States. When a capital is given, the player must drag the capital icon to the correct state.

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