Which State Is the Windiest?

state-windiest Credit: Jake Olson Studios Blair Nebraska/Moment/Getty Images

According to an article in the Washington Post, Nebraska is the windiest state overall. The Plains states tend to have the most wind. The Southeastern states tend to have the least wind. Other windy states include South Dakota, North Dakota, Kansas and Iowa.

There are other locations in the United States that also have high recorded winds. These include Mount Washington in New Hampshire; Blue Hill, Mass.; Dodge City, Kan.; Amarillo, Texas; and Rochester, Minn. The least windy states are Mississippi, Florida, Kentucky, Georgia and Alabama.

Until 1996, the highest ever recorded wind gust outside of a tornado occurred in 1934 at Mount Washington, where winds reached 231 miles per hour. As of 2014, the highest gust record is held by Barrow Island in Australia.