What Are Some State Nicknames?


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California is popularly known as the Golden State, which became the state's official nickname in 1968. Texas is commonly known as the Lone Star State, associated with a single star even before achieving U.S. statehood.

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California's nickname goes back to the gold rush in 1848 that brought much of the population and modern development the state currently enjoys. In addition, California is notable for the fields of golden poppies that spring each year throughout the state. California is also home to the Golden State Museum, a museum in Sacramento dedicated to showcasing many of the major events of California's history.

The association between Texas and its lone star traces back to the earliest history of the state, with the Long Expedition of 1819 and the foundation of Austin's Colony in 1821. Several flags of the Republic of Texas included a lone star as well. The meaning of the star is disputed; some say it represented the desire of Texas to join the United States (whereupon the lone star would be added to the U.S. flag), while others believe it represents Texas as the lone Mexican state willing to uphold its rights under the Mexican Constitution of 1824. Whatever the motive, the lone star continues to fly on the Texas flag.

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