Which State Is the Grand Canyon In?


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The Grand Canyon, one of the most iconic and distinguished natural features in the American landscape, is found in Arizona. The Grand Canyon gained recognition as a national landmark and therefore acquired permanent protection in 1919. The canyon covers over one million acres of land and draws millions of visitors every year.

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The Grand Canyon sits in the southwestern area of the Colorado Plateau, which is a large plateau that forms the geography of much of the American Southwest. The plateau and the Grand Canyon consist of many layers of rock deposited from geological activities over time. The layers of rocks form horizontal stripes with many different colors. The canyon features outside walls and a deep, wide inner basin. Cliffs, buttes, gorges, ravines and tall peaks form the landscape of the canyon's interior. The Grand Canyon includes the Grand Canyon National Park, which contains several other iconic American landmarks such as Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam. The Grand Canyon includes creature comforts like lodges and a visitor center, along with walking and hiking trails for all levels of abilities. The interior of the Grand Canyon contains over 1,000 acres of wild lands, while the North and South rims see the highest amount of human traffic.

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