Which State Has More Cows Than People?

As of 2015, nine states have more cows than people: South Dakota, North Dakota, Kansas, Nebraska, Montana, Idaho, Iowa, Wyoming and Oklahoma. South Dakota has the highest ratio, with 4.429 cows for every person in the state. Overall, there are 0.289 cows for every person in the United States.

South Dakota is the third least populous state, after Wyoming and North Dakota, as of 2015. While it has only 824,082 people, the state has 3.65 million cows. Texas has the most cattle of any state, with a cow population 11,900,000. However, this results in 0.463 cows per Texan. The states with the least number of cows per person are New Jersey and Rhode Island, as each has 0.004 cows per person.