In What State Are the Aleutian Islands Located?

The Aleutian Islands are located in Alaska in the United States. These jagged, volcanic islands stretch for around 1,200 miles in an arc, extending westward from the tip of the Alaskan Peninsula toward the Komandorski Islands in Russia.

The Aleutian Islands, which originated from the constant movement of the North American plate against the Pacific plate, are situated on the southern extremity of the North American plate. The islands form the boundary between the Pacific Ocean and Bering Sea.

Formerly owned by the Russian government, the U.S. purchased Alaska, along with the Aleutian Islands, for $7.2 million in 1867. Fur seal hunting has been one of the main industries in the islands. With the exclusion of the native Aleuts, seal trapping in the area is prohibited under federal law since the Alaskan acquisition.