What Are Some State Abbreviations?


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Some abbreviations for U.S. states include AL for Alabama, AK for Alaska, AZ for Arizona and AR for Arkansas. Other examples include CA, CO and CT, which stand for California, Colorado and Connecticut, respectively.

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What Are Some State Abbreviations?
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The United States has a total of 50 states. In addition to the states, the United States has a national capital district, as well as a number of territories and possessions around the world. Postal abbreviations, which are typically two-lettered, are used on mailing addresses because the names of some states are fairly long. State abbreviations are also used on documents.

The postal abbreviation of Delaware is DE. Florida is abbreviated as FL, Georgia as GA, Hawaii as GI, Idaho as ID and Illinois as IL. Indiana, Iowa and Kansas are abbreviated as IN, IA and KS, respectively. Kentucky's postal abbreviation is KY.

Louisiana, Maine and Maryland go under the abbreviations LA, ME and MD respectively. MA is used to abbreviate Massachusetts, MI to abbreviate Michigan, MN to abbreviate Minnesota and MS to abbreviate Mississippi. MO, NE and MT are abbreviations for Missouri, Nebraska and Montana, respectively.

Nevada goes under the abbreviation NV. New Hampshire, New Jersey and New York go under the abbreviations NH, NJ and NY, respectively.

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