What Are Standard Beach Rules to Keep in Mind?


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While actual beach rules vary depending on the beach, standard beach etiquette at any beach includes giving people space, keeping music at a volume that doesn't bother others, using care when spraying sun block so it doesn't spray on anyone, and not getting sand on other people. Beach goers who bring chairs, umbrellas or other items to set up should make sure those items are secure so they don't blow away.

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A person should attempt to give other beach goers a reasonable amount of space to avoid intruding on their privacy. If there's plenty of space available, he should choose a spot that doesn't block anyone else's view of the ocean.

If a person plays music at the beach, the polite volume is loud enough so that only he and his group hear it. Headphones are one way to avoid bothering any other people with music.

When spraying sun block, it's important to note any wind. This way, the sun block doesn't blow on anyone else. While people expect to get sandy at the beach, it's inconsiderate to shake a towel out with other people nearby.

Littering is against the rules at almost all beaches. Beach goers should dispose of all trash in a trash can, or bring a trash bag if the beach doesn't offer trash cans.

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