What Sports Are Played in Haiti?

Cultura Travel/Lena Mirisola/Photolibrary/Getty Images

There are different types of sports played in Haiti, but football is the most popular and is played by most Haitians. Cards and dominoes are other popular sports, especially among men. Affluent Haitians play tennis, and it is becoming increasingly popular.

Haitian children play hide-and-seek, marbles and round dances. In schools and local colleges, girls play organized sports such as basketball, while the boys play soccer. In sharp contrast to their neighbors in Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic, Haitians do not have a soft spot for baseball, according to Global Faith In Action.

Football became the most popular sport on the island in the 20th century. According to Haiti Support Group, during the World Cup or its qualifying playoffs, everyone in the country agrees that football is indeed the most popular on the island. Children and adults alike will play football on any available space, while television coverage is closely followed by the locals. A testimony of the country’s success in football was manifested, in 1974, when Haiti became the first Caribbean country to feature in the World Cup finals.