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The three major climates of Spain are Continental, Mediterranean and Oceanic. However, the Pyrenees have an Alpine climate. The Canary Islands have a semi-arid, mild subtropical climate.

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"Green Spain," or northern Spain, has an Oceanic climate. The winters are mild and summers are hot, but the humidity is low. Rainfall is evenly distributed year-round. The area along the Atlantic coast and the Gulf Stream, however, has a higher humidity with frequent fog, rain and cloudy days.

The Iberian Peninsula, Spanish Meseta and Central Highlands have a Continental climate, so temperatures vary between seasons and also between day and night. There are two rainy seasons, and summers are hot. Winters are very cold, and snowfall is abundant in mountainous regions.

There is a Mediterranean climate along the coast from south of the Pyrenees Mountains to Andalusia. Winters are mild, and summers are long and dry. Rainfall is abundant in autumn.

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