What Is Spain Like?

Spain, like many countries, is a diverse nation with landscapes that vary from coastal to mountainous and features a wide range of architecture that celebrates its history. The capital of Spain is Madrid. Barcelona is another major city; both are accurate representations of the diversity of Spain.

Spain is comprised of 17 distinct regions. Madrid, the largest city in Spain, is located in the mountainous center of the nation. Barcelona and Valencia are 2nd and 3rd largest, respectively; both are coastal cities.

The official language of Spain in Spanish, although there are many different dialects of the language spoken throughout the country.

When Muslims were driven from northern Africa during the crusades, many sought refuge in Spain. As a result, Spain is home to some of the greatest examples in Islamic architecture.

Spain is also well known for bullfighting, which is a famous tradition there. Soccer is also a popular sport in Spain.

Few know that Spain produces more olive oil than any other nation. Lemons, strawberries and wine are also major exports.

Spain is a popular vacation spot for Europeans who are drawn to popular spots such as the island of Ibiza and the beaches of Barcelona, a colorful city punctuated by the architecture of Gaudi.