What Is Spain Known For?

Flavio~/CC-BY 2.0

Spain is known for its culture, art and architecture. The Spanish culture has introduced the world to Flamenco music and dance, Spanish guitars, bullfighting and bakalao. Spanish guitars emerged from the Andalusia region, where a sixth string was added to the Moorish lute.

Spanish art introduced Golden Age painters Diego Velazquez and El Greco. Francisco de Goya came into prominence in the 18th century as the country’s master painter, and he famously created unflattering portraits of members of the royal family. The 20th century in Spain brought to light some of the great masters of the art world, including Salvatore Dali, Pablo Picasso, Juan Gris and Joan Miro. Architecture in Spain dates all the way back to ruins from the time of the Roman Empire. Roman ruins exist into the 21st century at Tarragona and Merida. Several castles, gothic cathedrals and other decorative and architecturally interesting buildings, such as the Lonja in Seville and Mudejar buildings, also exist in Spain. The invention of the Spanish guitar in the 1790s led to a rise in classical guitarists and a move to establish classical guitar as a genre. Spanish Flamenco music merged with rock music in the 1980s to create a fusion known as gypsy-rock music.