How Do Southwest Airlines Wanna Get Away Fares Work?

Wanna Get Away fares are generally Southwest Airlines’ lowest priced fare option. With online booking, some seats may be designated as Wanna Get Away, with the specific price of the flight clearly noted. Along with being the cheapest fare, Wanna Get Away tickets have the most restrictions.

Wanna Get Away tickets are nonrefundable, but travelers can cancel a reservation and still use the fare amount toward a future flight, as long as travel occurs within 12 months. Customers must pay for any price difference between the original and rescheduled tickets, and the new ticket must be for the original ticket holder.

For travelers who need more flexibility, both Business Select and Anytime fares are refundable.

The Wanna Get Away fare is not available for all flights and dates. Standby travel is not permitted with this type of reservation. To have the option of standby, the customer must upgrade to an Anytime fare.

As with Southwest’s Business Select and Anytime fares, Wanna Get Away fares include two free checked bags, online check-in, and limited complimentary snacks and beverages.

Unlike most other airlines, Southwest does not have assigned seating. Passengers may choose from any open seat available upon boarding. Business Select fares receive complimentary priority boarding. Anytime and Wanna Get Away travelers can purchase the EarlyBird Check-in option, which improves boarding position and offers better seat selection opportunity.