What Does South Korea Export?

As of 2015, South Korea exports a variety of goods, including electronic equipment, vehicles, machinery, mineral fuels, plastics and organic chemicals. The country also exports iron, steel and products crafted using those metals. Vehicles exported from South Korea include ships, floating structures and boats.

In 2014, South Korea's exported goods had a total value of $573.1 billion USD. Of this total value, 64.9 percent was made up of its top 10 export categories. The value of South Korea's exports in 2014 was also the equivalent of 32 percent of its total economic output. When divided with its population, South Korea generated $11,847 USD in exports per capita.

The economy of South Korea is considered to be highly industrialized and export driven. Approximately 24.1 percent of all of the country's total exports is generated from electronic equipment. The second and third most exported goods from South Korea are vehicles, excluding streetcars and trains, as well as machinery. Vehicle exports accounted for 12.8 percent of South Korea's 2014 exports while machinery accounted for 11 percent.

South Korea's focus on advanced industrial goods is also seen in its high value of optical, technical and medical apparatus exports, which totaled nearly $36 billion USD in 2014.