What Are the Six Best Things About America?


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Six of the best things about the United States of America include freedom, the American Dream, the national parks, a diverse population, the film industry and an emphasis on convenience, according to lists compiled by CNN and Thrillist. Other admirable things about the nation include its food variety and friendliness.

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The USA is known for its freedom-centered government and political system, which means residents enjoy freedom of religion, freedom of speech and numerous other rights. Foreigners also praise the country for its focus on the American Dream that encourages individuals of every socioeconomic background to pursue wealth and happiness by starting their own businesses or becoming self-employed freelance workers. The country's national parks cover millions of acres and include natural treasures such as the Grand Canyon, Denali, Yellowstone and Yosemite.

The USA is commonly called a melting pot of world cultures, leading to its diverse population spanning numerous ethnic backgrounds, nationalities, religions and sexual orientations. Home to the Hollywood film industry and numerous world-renowned television shows such as "Breaking Bad," the USA continues to bring content to theater and TV screens across the globe. Residents and visitors enjoy the numerous benefits of a convenience-focused culture, including 24-hour supermarkets, fast food restaurants and drive-through liquor stores.

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