Where Is Siberia Located?

siberia-located Credit: Louise Murray/Robert Harding World Imagery/Getty Images

Siberia is a vast land region that is located in Russia's central and eastern regions, which also is part of Asia's northern region. Siberia is approximately 5.2 million square miles. Siberia is bordered on its western side by the Ural Mountains and the Pacific Ocean on the east.

On its south side, Siberia has borders with China and Mongolia, and on its north is the Arctic Ocean. While some mountain ranges in Siberia are the Ural and Kolyma, its rivers include the Lena, Kolyma and Yana rivers.

Although there are very cold tundra areas in Siberia, most regions also can experience extreme temperature differences between summer and winter seasons. However, the summers are quite short and warm while winters are cold and long.