What Should You Wear for a Luau (Hawaiian) Themed Party?

should-wear-luau-hawaiian-themed-party Credit: Joe Carini/Perspectives/Getty Images

The dress code for luaus includes grass skirts, traditional mu?umu?u dresses, floral-printed Hawaiian shirts and sandals. Accessories such as puka shell necklaces and fresh flower leis are also worn.

The traditional attire for luaus is grass skirts for both sexes and a coconut shell bra for women. 2014 fashion features men wearing "Aloha shirts," which are short-sleeve, button-down shirts in colorful floral patterns. This is paired with khakis or shorts and sandals. Women still wear grass skirts or a mu'umu'u, which is a traditional dress that is loosely fitted. They also wear sarongs or colorful, bright dresses in floral patterns.

A luau is a casual gathering, and it is best to be comfortable. Almost any casual outfit works and can easily be given "Aloha" flare with a lei. Leis can be constructed of fresh flowers, leaves, shells or Kukui nuts. Women also typically wear a flower in their hair. Those who are single wear a flower behind the right ear, while a flower worn behind the left ear indicates marriage. Traditionally, shoes were not worn to luaus. Sandals and flip-flips are great choices for those who don't want to show up in bare feet. Luau guests should be relaxed, comfortable and focused on having a good time with their family and friends.