What Should Travelers Know About Duty-Free Shopping at JFK Airport?


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Travelers must have a passport and valid boarding pass to shop at the duty-free store in JFK airport. Local sales taxes and duties do not apply to duty-free purchases. The assortment of products available in JFK airport includes alcohol, fragrances and cosmetics.

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International travelers not taking nonstop flights should try to make most of their purchases before their last destination. Passengers must pass through security checkpoints at each transit stop, which can be difficult for those carrying large items or liquid products such as shampoo or alcohol.

Duty-free goods may only be purchased for personal use. Reselling these products in the destination country may require payment of additional duties and taxes. Taxes may also apply if a traveler exceeds his allowable limit of duty-free purchases. These additional charges are assessed when the passenger arrives at his destination.

The limit on duty-free purchases depends on the traveler's destination country. For example, China limits duty-free cigarette purchases to 400. An individual arriving in China with 500 duty-free cigarettes in his possession would be required to pay duties and taxes on the 100 cigarettes that exceed the allowable limit. The store's employees can assist travelers with questions about duty-free purchase restrictions for a specific country.

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