Should a Single Mother of Four Move to Oshkosh, Wisc., or Green Bay, Wisc.?


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While the question is totally subjective based on dozens of possible criteria, Oshkosh has more attractive options and opportunities for a single mother of four. The advantages include a lower cost of living, a lower crime rate and a lower median resident age, among other factors.

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Oshkosh averages a lower violent crime and property theft rate per 100,000 people than Green Bay. The median cost of a home in Oshkosh is $6,000 lower than in Green Bay. It has a younger population on average, and more residents under the age of 16 as a percentage of population, increasing the odds for the children to make friends with kids their age. The student-teacher ratio at schools in Oshkosh is below the state average. Green Bay is an excellent city, but all of these factors push Oshkosh into a more favorable position for a single mother of four.

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