What Should You Pack to Take on Vacation at Lake Murray Cabins?

Renters of Lake Murray Floating Cabins generally only need to pack swimsuits, clothing, toiletries and sun necessities, as well as some groceries. Lake Murray Floating Cabins are equipped with all the necessary appliances, cookware, bedding and bath linens.

Lake Murray Floating Cabins are located in Overbrook, Oklahoma, which is located on Tranquility Point. Visitors can get by with packing very few items and just walk into the luxury furnished cabins to begin enjoying a relaxing vacation.

There is a golf course nearby, so if this strikes the visitor's fancy, golf clubs will need to be packed as well. Other extracurricular activities in the area include hiking, biking and fishing. Anyone wishing to participate in these activities will need to bring along any related items, such as bikes and fishing gear.

If guests have a boat, pontoon, personal watercraft or other fun water toys, Lake Murray Floating Cabins can accommodate them with moorings right outside the cabin doorstep. Although the cabin kitchens are stocked with all the necessary utensils and appliances, guests can also dine out at one of the two restaurants conveniently located within one mile of the cabins.