What Should You Pack When You're Going to Cancun?


Cancun Today recommends Cancun tourists pack swimming clothes, beach necessities and equipment, comfortable clothes, a camera and a basic emergency kit. Though there isn't much need to dress up in Cancun, tourists who enjoy patronizing high-end restaurants should bring a few dressier outfits.

Because Cancun is a beach paradise, tourists need to focus on this aspect when preparing for a trip. Cancun Today suggests visitors bring at least two swimsuits. Women should consider bringing a swimsuit cover-up, such as a sarong, although there are plenty to purchase on site. Tourists also need to bring beach towels and sunscreen, especially if they are going to spend any length of time on the beach or at water activities. Tourists who enjoy water activities such as snorkeling should consider bringing their own equipment for added convenience.

Cancun offers plenty of lodging options, including camping. Tourists planning on camping should bring sufficient camping equipment, including campers or tents, sleeping bags, linens, coolers and other necessities. Other basic items include appropriate footwear, toiletries, an emergency kit for first aid, a camera and books for leisure moments. Tourists should also note, that as of 2007, passports for U.S. citizens are required for all parties, including children.