What Should Be Included in a Child Travel Permission Letter?


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A child travel permission letter, also known as a minor travel consent form, should include the child's full name, the signature of the parent that isn't traveling with the child, and a message indicating his consent to the child's travel. The form should also be notarized.

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A child travel permission letter is used when the child travels alone, with an adult who isn't his parent, such as a grandparent, aunt or uncle, or when he's with a group, such as when on a field trip. The letter is also used if the parents are separated or divorced and the child is traveling with one of them.

Immigration officers, airline employees and travel companies can ask for a child travel permission letter if the child isn't accompanied by both parents. These letters are requested to prevent child abduction or child trafficking. Officials don't always request a permission letter in these situations, but the adult should have one in case they do. If the adult doesn't have a permission letter, officials may detain him and the child.

Child travel permission letters may require the child's date of birth, place of birth, travel information, the parent's contact information and custody information. Requirements vary based on the area.

While the letter gives the child permission to travel with the person noted, it doesn't allow that person to make any medical decisions for the child. For that, a child medical consent form is necessary.

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