What Should You Include on a Packing List for a Beach Vacation?

When packing for a beach vacation, include appropriate clothes, items that protect against the sun, beach accessories and entertainment items, such as books and e-readers. Depending on the destination, first aid kits may be necessary.

Beach-appropriate clothing items include swimsuits, sarongs, sundresses and light T-shirts. Light T-shirts and hats are especially important to protect against the sun when it's at its strongest. Also pack footwear such as flip-flops and flat sandals, as well as appropriate shoes for the evening or exploring the local area.

To stay safe in the sun, pack sunscreen, water bottles, lip balm with an SPF factor, umbrellas and beach tents. Aloe vera gel, Benadryl and insect repellent are also important, especially when spending time on the beach in the early evening, as this is when insect bites are most common.

Parents who are taking their kids to the beach may wish to pack items for entertaining themselves and their little ones. This includes footballs, buckets and spades, e-readers, decks of cards and books. Items appropriate for all kinds of vacations may include travel documents such as passports, emergency contact numbers for local health care facilities, credit cards and currency cards, as well as travel toiletries and personal hygiene items.