What Should You Expect to Pay for an Airport Shuttle From Tampa to Sarasota?

As of April 2015, prices for an airport shuttle between Tampa and Sarasota airports vary from $55 for one person in Super Shuttle's Shared Ride Van Service to $144 for one person on ShuttleWizard's Star Executive Shared Shuttle Service. Airport Direct charges $98 and up for up to three people.

SuperShuttle and ShuttleWizard both charge $10 per additional person on shared rides, and all three companies have a range of other more expensive services available. Users can visit AirportDirectShuttleService.com, Supershuttle.com or ShuttleWizard.com to search for free online quotes. Prices also vary according to the location of the destination in Sarasota. Sarasota Airport lies between Tampa and Sarasota, which is just 5 miles from downtown Sarasota.