What Should You Consider When Joining a Home Swapping Program?


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When joining a home-swapping program, consider the various locations offered by each home-swapping program as well as the costs to join the different programs. An additional consideration for deciding on a home-swapping program is researching the desired features of the various programs, such as translation services and reverse search options.

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When choosing a program, a traveler should consider all of the places he may want to travel while a member of the home-swapping program. Another important consideration is the number of homes available in any given program because a large total number of homes available might increase a participant's chances of arranging a successful exchange. Because programs have differing price points, a consideration for joining a home-swapping program is how much money a participant wishes to invest in the program.

A person should consider the type of accommodations he has to offer when determining the feasibility of a home-swapping program. A luxury home in a large city likely has a different appeal than a mid-priced accommodation in a small town. Depending on the participant's home, a person should consider joining a program that allows a reverse search so the participant can search for other participants that want to visit a specific location where he has accommodations to offer.

In addition, some sites offer free language translation services in order to ease communication between international participants. Other sites report the number of program participants that do not respond to communications about potential swaps. When deciding whether to use a home-swapping program and which program to use, a traveler should also consider his personal comfort level as it relates to the vetting process used by each company to screen participants.

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