What Should You Have on Your Checklist When Packing Suitcases for a Trip?


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When packing suitcases for a trip, your checklist should include clothing, toiletries and documents. Additionally, electronics are the extra items that have become common on most travelling checklists as of 2015.

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The number of clothing items depends on the length of the trip. For a trip from four days to a week, pack up to five short-sleeved and long-sleeved tops made of materials that show a minimum of wrinkles. Quick-dry materials, such as synthetic-blend fabrics, are useful. Pack two pairs of pants or shorts depending on the weather. Shorts that can double as a swimsuit are useful for men.

Bring five pairs each of comfortable and light underwear and socks and at least one pair of comfortable walking shoes. Take an extra pair of walking boots if your trip involves trekking. If you have room, flip-flops are quick to put on and useful to use in bathrooms. Depending on the weather, bring an evening jacket, a sweater or a big overcoat. If you travel to rainy places, such as Great Britain, bring a waterproof coat.

Documents include passports, visas if needed, traveler checks if you use them, guidebooks and maps if you don't have data, and a small notepad and pen. Besides the basic toiletries kit, pack medicine, first-aid kit and sunglasses.

Electronics for communication are smartphones and laptops. Electronics for entertainment include a digital camera, an iPad or a Kindle. Also bring chargers, adapters and batteries to keep the electronics working throughout the trip.

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