What Are Some Services of Vantage Cruise Line?

Complementary deluxe concierge services, experienced program managers, regional experts, cultural exchanges and 100 percent guided vacations are some of the services offered by Vantage Cruise Lines. The company specializes in river cruises throughout Europe and small ship cruises in Scandinavia, Southeast Asia and the Aegean Sea as well as land tours and safaris in Africa, as of 2015. The company also has a tour that takes 16 travelers around the world, including travel through Asia, Europe, Africa and South America

The personal concierge service on Vantage river cruises begins long before travelers board. Guests can request information and knowledgeable advice about restaurants, shops, special events and museums as well as having the concierge book additional shore excursions and transportation. Once guests have boarded, they can access the concierge desk as they wish.

The cruise director works as a host and program manager for guests once they are on board. She can answer any itinerary questions and keep guests updated on daily events.

Vantage employs experts from the regions through which each cruise passes to provide passengers with professional knowledge of history, events, geography and customs. The cruise line also operates cultural connections with local citizens for visits, lectures and interactive activities such as dining at the home of host families.