What Services Does Dial-A-Ride Offer?

Dial-A-Ride offers shared ride services by appointment. It primarily serves people with disabilities and seniors who live in unincorporated areas. In some regions, the service might be available to the public.

Dial-A-Ride is a curb-to-curb transportation service that mostly serves disabled residents and the elderly. The Dial-A-Ride vehicles cover various regions in the county, allowing registrants to make trips for any purpose. Vans might be unable to travel to certain streets due to narrow street width.

People can make a reservation by filling out a form and mailing it to the city. After receiving a confirmation letter, they can call to schedule an appointment. It is possible to reserve up to two weeks in advance but not less than 24 hours.

To schedule an appointment, registrants need to provide their name and phone number. They also have to indicate if they use a wheelchair or if a third party is accompanying them. Patrons must book their return trip in advance as well. They have to let the dispatcher know what time they want the van to pick them up.

Multiple passengers and wheelchair patrons can ride on the Dial-A-Ride vans simultaneously. Registrants have to show their membership card to the driver and pay the fee to board. Dial-A-Ride drivers do not wait for patrons for more than three minutes. They also do not enter apartment buildings. Dial-A-Ride drivers are willing to carry up to two standard-sized department store packages or grocery store bags.