What Services Does Costamar Travel Offer?

Costamar Travel is a travel agency that allows English- and Spanish-speaking tourists to book flights to and from South America as well as hotel rooms, cruises and cars. The agency also offers full vacation packages. Members can join the Costamar Club for access to discounts on airfare.

Costamar accepts U.S., Colombian and Peruvian currency. The agency can be reached by email at info@costamar.com or by phone at (954)630-0060.

Costamar Travel primarily services Spanish-speaking tourists, resulting in a website design that offers limited English options. Despite that, the World Travel Awards has declared Costamar Travel as South America's Leading Travel Agency 2014, toppling Discover Brazil, which held the title from 2009 to 2013.

Although Costamar Travel focuses on servicing the United States and South America, Google Finance states that the agency also offers flights to and from Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Costamar books flights with AeroMexico, Jet Blue, Delta, American Airlines and Avianca. In March 2015, Costamar's vacation deals offer various flights and hotels in Cancun, Los Cabos, Aruba and Bogota, among other destinations.

Since 2012, the Better Business Bureau has closed five complaints about Costamar Travel, four of which were resolved. The BBB determined that Costamar treated the last complaint with good faith but was unable to satisfy the customer through no fault of their own. Costamar Travel is not accredited by the BBB.